Hey fellow traveler. Welcome to my blog hood. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Miguel and I love catching planes.

The first question I always get asked is, “How are you able to travel so much?” and, the answer is simple, really. But, first I’ll give you a quick background on myself.

I was born in Mexico City, Mexico. But, I didn’t live there long. At the age of about 3 years old, my parents migrated to East Los Angeles, California.

As you can guess, my family wasn’t rich or even middle class. Naturally, like many families that grow up poor, the idea of being able to travel the world seemed almost impossible.

My family relocated several times throughout California. I grew up, decided I loved Advertising as a career choice so I got a degree from San Jose State University. From there I was lucky enough to work for some big clients helping them with social media and digital advertising strategies.

Eventually I was offered a position at a startup company which gave me the freedom to occasionally work remotely. That is how I can travel without taking days off.

So, if the ability to travel the world intrigues you or if you’d like to eventually travel wherever and/or whenever you want, then you’ll find this site useful.